Loon Outdoors Top Ride

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Float Like No Other with the Loon Outdoors Top Ride!

We know keeping your dry flies afloat is critical to having a successful day of fishing. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep them from getting wet, they end up partially soaked or even submerged. That’s not an issue when you have the Loon Outdoors Top Ride in your bag of tricks!

This handy little tool helps make your wet flies dry in no time flat. Simply shake it in the jar and like magic, you have a dry fly ready to be re-cast and work its magic! Easy to carry and easy to use—this little product will save you time and hassle on the water.

So don’t let soggy and drenched flies ruin your fishing experience any more. Keep it dry with the Loon Outdoors Top Ride!
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